The BitBrief is a collection of recent news articles, industry analysis, real anecdotes, and information about Bitcoin and Blockchain 2.0 technologies, hand-picked and curated by yours truly.

The BitBrief’s mission is to truthfully and informatively distill developments in an increasingly technical space, so that you, the audience, may understand the significance of it all and why Bitcoin is a gamechanger for all industries worldwide

On a regular basis (approx. every ~2 weeks), I will publish a BitBrief, concisely explaining everything you would want to know or could ask me.

In order to further that goal, please pleaseĀ please, let me know if anything seems unclear, incongruous, or otherwise concerning in a comment. I would love to hear your questions, concerns, and suggestions in order to make the BitBrief as powerful a tool as it can be.

If you are interested in learning more about how to implement Bitcoin or Blockchain 2.0 tech in your business, have a look at Brick & Crypto’sĀ consulting services (click here!).


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